* I am a publisher as well as a reviewer, however, if I review your novel I am doing so as a reader, not as a publisher in search of new talent. I am well aware that most of the authors books I review are already signed with another company and I respect other publishers enough not to try and infringe on their rights. This is only fair as I would expect the same courtesy in return.

* I do review both Indie & Traditionally Published books and I do not discriminate between the two. All reviews are my own opinion and are extremely honest.

* I reserve the right to not review a book I have received on the following grounds: 

  - The book could not hold my interest.
  - The book was hard to get through or understand.
  - I could not finish the book for various reasons, personal or otherwise.
  - I could not give a decent rating or review for the book.

NOTE: I will not post a review publicly if I could not give your book at least a 3 Ravens or more. I believe all authors deserve a fair shake and will not conscientiously bash, bully or demean them if my opinion is not one of good quality.

* I will not post a review based on typos, errors, punctuation, etc. I read for the story only and my review is based solely on the execution of that alone. If the author is able to draw me in and keep me interested then I will read the book in its entirety and post a review soon after.

* I reserve the right to refuse to read and/or review any book I do not think will interest me. I read all genres, but I do judge most books by their synopsis or premise. If it seems dry or uninteresting, I will pass. 

* If you send me a book to review, please do not rush me. I am extremely busy and only find the time to read before bed. Please be patient and I will try my best to get to your book in due time.

* I do post my reviews on the following sites: 
  -Personal Blog
  -Barnes & Noble (if purchased from there)

* If you are interested in contacting me for a review of your book, you can reach me by email at:

PERSONAL QUOTE: "For my TBR Pile is long and I shall not rest until my TBR Pile is done!"

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