Monday, September 19, 2016

Journey To Wizards' Keep Official Book Trailer

Amazing book trailer for "Journey to Wizards' Keep" by Cowan, Cole & Danner! #booktrailer #fantasy #greatbooks

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Two Great Children's Books & Giveaways! (The Storybook Knight & Max at Night) from Sourcebooks

Hello Everyone!

I received two wonderful children’s books from Sourcebooks to read and review and decided to do a dual post for them instead of two separate ones. You’ll find there are Rafflecopter Widgets to enter to win copies of these amazing books as well as my reviews on each and information from the authors.

First I will begin with “The Storybook Knight” by Thomas Doherty. This book was so cute and I absolutely loved the story. Leo is a child that loves to read more than anything in the world, but being born in the time of knights and ladies he is sent into the world to become a famous knight. He meets creatures along the way that would scare many but soon finds out they love a good book as much as he does!  Dragons are one of my all time favorite fantasy creatures and the incorporation of the dragon in this book makes it a novelty that many children will love for a very long time. I often get books for children that I feel should become classics and this one is definitely one of them. Not to mention that the author’s wife is the artist for the book! The pictures are so adorable and very well drawn. I’m sure children will enjoy not only the story but the illustrations as well.

Author Links:
Thomas Docherty:
Twitter: @TDIllustration
Helen Docherty:
Twitter: @docherty_helen
Please sign up below to enter to win a free sketch of Leo and Ned and be sure to visit the authors’ and illustrators’ social media pages.

The next book is one that whose main character is already near and dear to my heart, Max the black cat. Max is the cutest cat ever and his adventures are so adorable children can’t help but love him. In this book Max is a very sleepy cat that has done all his nighttime rituals but cannot find the moon to say goodnight. The story goes on to explain the reason why and help Max understand. This is yet another great example of storytelling for children and the illustrations, once again, make the story come to vivid life for the little ones. I adore Max and can’t wait to read more of his stories! Ed Verde’s illustrations are wonderful and you can’t help but fall in love with little Max.

Please sign up below to enter to win an original sketch by Ed Verde and be sure to visit the authors’ social media pages.

MAX AT NIGHT (#maxatnight)
Max at Night landing page
Rafflecopter: Enter for a chance to win an original sketch by author and illustrator Ed Vere and a copy of Max at Night!
Author Links:
Twitter: @ed_vere

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Muther" by Sharon Eberhart (Ravenswood Review)

  This book was a great read. I really enjoyed the story and it sheds a lot of light on people with mental illness. I felt so very sorry for poor little Danny as she struggled not only with her identity but with the identity of everyone around her. To have such a rough life she was a tough little girl and she was determined not to give up. 

  There were, however, some things that I wish the author had done to make the book a little more easy to read and interesting. I would have loved to have had more background story about Nora's past and why she had become so mentally damaged. I would have also liked it better had the author put dividers between some of the paragraphs as there were a couple of times I became confused over whose point of view I was reading from. 

Overall, the book was really good and well-written, I do feel as though it could have been a bit better however had their been more backstory and some more fleshing out of the main characters. 

I gave the book 3 Ravens. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Official Review: Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3) • View topic

Book Cover

So proud of Holly Lauren, she received a 4 out of 4 Star review from for "Veritas" Book 3 of the GenEx Saga! Way to go Holly!