Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Muther" by Sharon Eberhart (Ravenswood Review)

  This book was a great read. I really enjoyed the story and it sheds a lot of light on people with mental illness. I felt so very sorry for poor little Danny as she struggled not only with her identity but with the identity of everyone around her. To have such a rough life she was a tough little girl and she was determined not to give up. 

  There were, however, some things that I wish the author had done to make the book a little more easy to read and interesting. I would have loved to have had more background story about Nora's past and why she had become so mentally damaged. I would have also liked it better had the author put dividers between some of the paragraphs as there were a couple of times I became confused over whose point of view I was reading from. 

Overall, the book was really good and well-written, I do feel as though it could have been a bit better however had their been more backstory and some more fleshing out of the main characters. 

I gave the book 3 Ravens. 

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