Wednesday, December 12, 2012

C'EST LA VIE by Jack Thompson (RAJA WILLIAMS BOOK 2)_Review

Review of C’est La Vie by Jack Thompson (Raja Williams Series Book 2)
5 stars

I love the subtle humour of Jack Thompson’s series of mystery-suspense starring Raja Williams, a very unexpected but highly efficient, and adorable, private investigator. Raja is not the ordinary routine P.I. He gets bad headaches when approaching the presence of evil (as when beginning a new case), he works for the underdog in need of justice, and he owns a private jet, so many classic autos even he can’t count, and homes in many varied locales. But Raja is a down-to-earth individual who doesn’t push his way using his wealth or expertise. In fact, he approaches everybody with civility and respect, from the people he employs, to clients, even to small-bit drug dealers. And drugs are a major part of the problem in this novel, along with potential police corruption and brutal murder.

A visiting British professor’s wife in Paris unexpectedly and inadvertently witnesses a gruesome killing, and is kidnapped. In the process, three French police officers are killed. The Inspector in charge brushes off the Professor’s demands for an investigation, and even the British Consulate doesn’t seem to want to know. But through a series of events, the Professor finds Raja Williams and asks him to locate his missing wife; and of course, Raja is immediately away to Paris.

If you haven’t read the first in this series, “The Color of Money,” why wait? Get both of these superb novels and settle in for an excellent reading experience.

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