Saturday, December 22, 2012

CUlRE (Strandville Zombies) by Belinda Frisch_Review

CURE (Strandville Zombies) by Belinda Frisch
5 stars

I had bought this book a while back, but hadn’t yet read it; but yesterday the author posted the link to a Shelfari review on her blog, and when I read that review, I dropped everything to read “CURE.” Whoa, am I glad I did! Admittedly, for my own personal taste, I could have used a higher quantity of hospital/clinic/research/evil doctor and a little less Zombie-but that applies only to MY personal taste. In no way does it detract from the excellent quality of this story.

Full of non-stop action (and Constant Readers, when I say “Non-stop” that is no hyperbole), characters who scarcely get to catch a breath before the next momentous event is upon them, and a really evil antagonist who likes to believe (or at least, tell) that he is actually a Healer and his research will benefit thousands; not to mention ZOMBIES, this book is what I will classify a HORROR –THRILLER.

So there: now get out and read it! Then go find Ms. Frisch’s other Strandville stories (look, I live in a small town, but I’m going to thanking Deity every day it’s NOT Strandville).

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