Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DANCING WITH DEATH by Andrea Heltsley_Review

Review of Dancing with Death
4 stars

Confronted suddenly with two incredibly hot new males at her high school, eighteen-year-old Wendy thinks she’s at a romantic smorgasbord. A seldom-dater, she considers herself mostly invisible, and sticks close to her best friends, Halle and Jackson. But when first one of the new guys, transfer student Brandt, wants to date her, she thinks she really might be falling for him. Then the sexy new librarian, Matt, confesses his interest in her, and despite the fact that he is a faculty member and she’s still a student, the flames between them grow. 

Meanwhile, other students are being murdered; in addition to six murders earlier, a popular cheerleader’s body is found in the woods, then another girl is thrown from the gym bleachers to her death. Wendy’s dreams recurrently feature the dead girls speaking to her, and they always say the same: “Death is coming, it’s coming for you.” Wendy’s got to quickly figure out which man is right for her, if either, and what this sudden onsurge of lust focused on her means: is it natural-or is it Supernatural?

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