Friday, December 7, 2012

Lake Country

Author: Sean Doolittle
Published By: Batam
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


Sean Doolittle's novel "Lake Country" was quite a thriller read that would keep you turning the pages until the end. If you are a 'Doolittle' fan you will not be disappointed with this read. This story line will present a good dose of tension and many twist and turns along the way. The setting of this story takes place in Minnesota with beautiful lakes and down to earth good people representing the state. This novel deals with characters from "ex-Marines, a TV reporter, barkeeper, the family of the man who killed the girl... to the mother of the victim." "Lake Country" begins..."as a successful architect Wade Benson...with a lovely daughter, wife, and a beautiful home goes to prison for a weekend. Why? He had been sentenced to two days in jail for every year of his five-year probation. This is his last weekend in jail for falling asleep at the wheel and killing a young woman driving the car he hit head on. No alcohol, no drugs, just fell asleep." Now, who wouldn't be upset a such a light sentence that was
handed down? Would someone be over the top upset with this verdict? Now
what would these ex-Marines...dealing unsuccessful with PTST and drinking problems deal with this...especially Darryl Potter? This is where I will say you must pick up "Lake Country" to see just what tragedy would come of this situation.

The author Sean Doolittle has layed it all out for the reader because you already will know from the read who had done it but still how this will end will be a story within itself presenting only a good mystery with lots of tension with its fast-paced action.

If you are looking for a good well written thriller you have come to the right place for "Lake Country" would recommend this novel as a good read.

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