Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fresh Set of Eyes By Liz Strange

Author:  Liz Strange
Published By: MLR Press, LLC
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"A Fresh Set of Eyes" by Liz Strange was a very interesting mystery read that I thoroughly enjoyed. This was a second in a series with Missing Daughter, Shattered Family being the first in this series. This novel was well written and had a good plot that this author set that really kept me intrigued till the end. Be ready for many twist and turns that will even make it even more a fascinating read. The characters were really off the chart good...especially David Lloyd who was a good investigator who had been fired by one of the boys mom to find who had murdered those two boys. David was taking a cold case and after ten years this cold case had been on the he started to work above and beyond to prove the innocence of the boys (Nathan Klassen, Alex Snider and John Dean) that had been accused wrongly and imprisoned for murder. What was strange about this case was that many people believed that these three boys had not done the murder.

I really enjoyed how David took over this investigation and this mystery went at
just the right pace to keep you up with just what was going on.. all making sense to me. Be ready for many details and finding a novel to be very well written with great dialog. Will there be a little romance between David and his
roommate...well, this is where I will say you must pick up "A Fresh Set of Eyes'
to find the answers to the what, why and how of this and many other questions. This was a good mystery...I did not find out until the very end.

If you are looking for a good mystery, you have come to the right place for
"A Fresh Set of Eyes" is a excellent read that I would recommend to you.

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