Wednesday, January 30, 2013

AFRAID by Jack Kilborn_Review

Review of Afraid by Jack Kilborn
5 stars

      This book amazed me in that I was able to read it. I had tried in 2012, and only read the first chapter or so because I found it too violent. Another author challenged me to try again, and so I did, with gratitude because despite the cruelty and violence, I really did enjoy the book. I will specify that this novel is definitely not for either the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, and those who abhor “splatterpunk” should avoid it. That specified, I enjoyed it for the backstory, and for the several shocking surprises in which everything I thought I knew or guessed about the plot and the characters were overturned, and I found out how wrong I was. Yet it all fit together logically and believably.

Mr. Kilborn (a pseudonym of author J. A. Konrath) is a multiply-published prolific author; he is also a very talented author. The writing in “Afraid” and its sequel “Trapped” (different plot line, mostly different characters, same region but different locale) is smooth and thrilling. This is a non-stop adventure/thriller/mystery.

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