Thursday, January 10, 2013

DARK CURTAINS by Evans Light_Review

Review of Dark Curtains by Evans Light
5 stars

If you didn’t already realize Evans Light is an excellent writer, you know now. “Dark Curtains” (and I am including BOTH endings) is perfectly done, as far as I am concerned. No wasted motions, no dropped stitches. From beginning to end (ends), Mr. Light has this story well in hand. He knows his characters, his plot, his apparitions, he knows what they want and whether or not their goals will result in success.

Sometimes a house is just a house, and sometimes a house is much, much more. Sometimes it’s a cauldron for unrealized hopes and dreams, for unrequited loves, for desires and plans truncated much too early. Then, sometimes, second chances occur. Read this strongly-structured novella and find out.

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