Thursday, January 3, 2013

Escape to Big Fork Lake by Mary Ball

Author: Mary Ball
Published By: M.B.
Age Recommended: YA
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Escape to Big Fork Lake" by Mary Ball was very unique and believable read...dealings with human problems from a christian perspective. This author
story was very well layed out by the work of a good dialog that was able to give us a 'Christian romance' ...with plenty of adventure that will only keep the reader interested in the read. I found all of the characters all well caught up in dealing with the social as well as economic pressures of our present society.
"Escape to Big Fork Lake" gives the reader a very easy read that flowed well presenting the reader with a well told story. You will have to read this novel to find out what happens to Sam as she travels and locates in Big Fork Lake.

The novel will start in Atlanta,Georgia with Samantha Blacker(Sam) as she referred to be unemployed after loosing her job at the bookstore, about to lose her apartment...and being stalked by a ex boyfriend. Sam wanting out of this situation and was able to realize that a change was needed in her life..and that's when God steps in and with the help from her friend Bo...there will be a decision for Sam to make...Now, this is where I say you must pick up the wonderful christian read to find out just what is in store for Sam. Even though Sam doesn't really know God yet... will there be something special for her? Will she accept Christ in her life?

If you are looking for a good clean christian romance... you have come to the right place...for "Escape to Big Fork Lake" and yes I would definitely recommend this excellent read to you.

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