Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Fevre Dream" GMTA Review

Publisher: Bantam Dell
Ages: 17+
Rating: 5+

I know Anne Rice did it first, or at least close to first. I'm still not exactly sure who was responsible for the first vampire novel based predominately in New Orleans but I can say that I know who has the best. Sorry Anne Rice, I loved Lestat, and I loved the entire world you created around those novels but I have to say that I am more in love now with George R.R. Martin than I have been  since first picking up the "Game of Thrones" novels. Mr. Martin's talent expounds further than imaginable with this vampire novel first written and introduced in 1984. I had long ago gotten tired of the romanticized vampires that have been turning up more and more in the past few years and with the whole Twilight insanity it had become ridiculous. For the longest time I had actually stopped reading vampire novels because it seemed every author was trying to follow in Stephenie Meyer's glorified footsteps. Finally, I decided to give the vampire 'fad' one more chance and was lucky enough to find a paperback copy of Mr. Martin's book in the local bookstore.

Upon reading the back I was a little worried because of the story line being based in New Orleans but I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try and I'm so happy I did. This story is definitely unlike any other I've every read. George R.R. Martin's vampires are SCARY, they are not the kind of vampires you would want to be associated with. Yes, they still have a certain beauty and grace, but in all seriousness, when you read how they are described, learn how their minds work and really get in deep you realize these creatures cannot truly love a human. Martin's vampires are also vastly different, they aren't 'undead' they are born with this affliction and they are in an essence truly tragic creatures because of it. In a lot of ways Martin's vampires are far more alien in creation than the ones we grew up with and forget about the silly things such as garlic, crosses, and holy water... that crap doesn't work!

Also.... I'm beginning to think that Charlaine Harris was not the first one to come up with the idea of a drink that would help the vampires with their thirst and the ability to live among humans.... read this book and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure that Sookie was not thought of before this novel was out on the shelves.

Another thing I love about this book is that it takes place in the 1800's when steamboats were huge, jazz was alive, and abolitionists were rising up against slavery. Trust me this book is well worth your time and if you're like me and want to get out of the funk of the same old vampire novel, you definitely need to snap this one up!

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