Sunday, January 27, 2013


Review of Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2012
5 stars

The same winning tongue-in-cheek humour of the first issue of Mad Scientist Journal (Summer 2012) is present again in this issue, a truly delightful set of perspectives on Fringe Science, from the inside looking out. I even laughed out loud throughout some of the “articles,” particularly “Financial Strategies for Innovative Researchers” (reader, do not be fooled by the title: this is a hilarious essay on how “innovative researchers”-read fringe scientists and inventors-can find appropriate financing) and “On the Perils of Self-Mummification” (or, how far will a scientist go in the pursuit of revenge?). “Turkey of Frankenstein” is another hilarious entry, which must be read to be believed and properly enjoyed.

This issue offers in addition to the fringe sciences, science fiction (for example, “Heart of the Warrior”) and sci-fantasy (“Military Applications of Magical Beings” and “Doctor Edmund Huntsfee’s Perilous Expedition into the Heart of the Flood Plains”) plus an advice column (“Ask Dr. Synthia”) and those truly wonderful and delightful Classified Ads, for all those items Innovative Researchers and Fringe Scientists just can’t be without.

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