Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MALICE by Griffin Hayes_Review

Review of Malice by Griffin Hayes
5 stars

Griffin Hayes is one of those authors who hit the ground running, who are excellent from the very first writing. “Malice” is a multi-layered Horror paranormal which in some aspects tills anew the ground Anne Rice tilled in “Tale of the Body Thief.” Reincarnation, soul-stealing, body-switching: what is real and what is only illusion? Lysander, an adolescent, and his family move to Millingham after a fire-bombing destroys their home. He has a complicated relationship with his parents, because he is a boy for whom justice is an essential concept, and he will speak forth no matter what the cost to himself or others. Such honesty makes enemies more often than friends, and he comes up against this again in Millingham. Now he additionally must contend with a pastor who is a pillar of the community, and the disbelief of law enforcement when he tries to reveal the pastor’s plotting.

I highly recommend this novel and its author. Everything he writes is a winner.

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