Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Obsession by Debra Webb

Author: Debra Webb
Published By: Pink House Press .
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5

"Obsession" by Debra Webb was a excellent read that was full of suspense
with a bit of romance that will not let you put it down until the end with so many
twist and turns. All of the characters were very interesting and well developed that will give
you a awesome read that will only have you wanting more. After FBI Jess Harris had
made her first mistake and a bad man will walk because of it...with no family or
husband...a boss who had 'thrown her career under the bus'...Jess returns to
Birmingham, AL to help out Police Chief Dan Burnett who had been her first
love, to help in the bizarre case of five girls who had disappeared. This novel
really moves...from all of this to the serial killer who will be set free due to Jess's
mistake. Now, this is where I say you must pick up "Obsession" to see how this
author will present a outcome to all of this. This novel "Obsession" is a part of
a trilogy so be prepared that you may not get all of the answers to your questions
in this one read. I am more than sure you will want to pick up the next book.
You will be kept on the edge of your see with this investigation, the rekindled
attraction that still seemed to be their for Dan and Jess, a serial killer (Eric Spears)
being set free will only keep you reading.
"Obsession" is a excellent thriller with plenty of suspense that will only keep you
reading this novel and even the series....and YES, I would definitely recommend
this one to you.

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