Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Review of PripYat: The Beast Chernobyl by Mike Krause

5 stars

“PripYat: The Beast Chernobyl” turned out to be so much more than I expected. I learned a lot about the Chernobyl explosion and its aftermath, including how it affected the nearest community, PripYat. I think everyone who supports the use of nuclear energy needs to read this. But the book is not a polemic: rather it is a sort of scientific paranormal, a very “possible” what if story.

Two adolescent boys who love to explore decide it’s safe to camp overnight in PripYat, mostly just to look around and also so they can say they’ve done it. Meanwhile, two soldiers of a very covert special operations team are sent in to PripYat to find—something. The younger of the two doesn’t know what and believes it is just a wild goose chase, but orders rule and so he goes on the mission with his partner, who knows more but isn’t telling.

What the two pairs find is not just each other, but something so horrible it must be experienced to be believed; but experiencing it means dying because of it. This is the kind of monstrous secret which kills, violently and implacably. Can it ever be halted?

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