Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review of Edge Of Shadows by Cege Smith

Edge of Shadows by Cege Smith
I flew through this book!!!
Loved this story. So well written. I was instantly hooked in this spooky story. I've been a HUGE fan of haunted stories for many years and this one is now a favorite of mine. The characters are easy to learn and likeable.  As you try to unravel the mystery behind people or places, the story sucks you in and your mind wanders into the center of this story and then you will not want to leave it. I began to feel the emotions of the main character and tried to figure things out along with her. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to start on book 2 to see where things go for Ellie. Loved this book. Emotions run high for me in this book. I am a new fan of this author. A great ghost story with a pinch of haunted house and a dash of love, betrayal, and what the heck was that!?!?!?! Something otherworldly maybe?? Enjoy your read. You're going to love it :)
~happy reading~
Tam from GreatMindsThinkAloud

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