Tuesday, January 1, 2013

THE FINAL WINTER by Iain Rob Wright_Review

Review of The Final Winter by Iain Rob Wright
5 stars

This has to be one of the scariest apocalyptic novels I have ever encountered—one of the most terrifying of any genre. Reading this on New Year’s Eve may not have been my smartest move; granted, I am not surrounded by incessant snowfall—but the sheer implacability of the terrors in this novel!!

I cannot get this story out of my mind: it’s not just “apocalyptic horror.” “The Final Winter” is a medieval Morality play come to life: such depths and convolutions that I could never have imagined any of its content. It begins with heavy snowfall—literally, everywhere—so of course I thought, “global warming, climate change.” But that was so not the answer. Then comes the terror—and more terror—and then the truth begins to expose itself. THEN, the climax after the denouement! Incredible! I’ve so enjoyed several of the horror stories of author Iain Rob Wright, but now this one—this is in a category all its own.

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