Tuesday, January 8, 2013

THE WINSLOW INCIDENT by Elizabeth Voss_Review

Review of The Winslow Incident by Elizabeth Voss
5 stars

This novel turned out to be much more involved and convoluted than I expected, and it kept me rapidly turning the pages with expectation and anticipation. The tiny town of Winslow, a former late 19th century mining community and named for one of the founding families, harbors untold and unbelievable secrets, lies, grudges, murders, danger, and more. Locked away between mountains, Winslow is almost land-locked, except for the summer tourist infusion, and is very insular, with all the small-town mentality that usually generates. In July of 2010, the insularity turns deadly, as first the ranch cattle, then the townspeople, fall ill with inexplicable symptoms, and with no way to leave town to find help, tensions and trouble escalate dramatically.
A novel that combines medical situations with familial tensions, friendships and enemies, ghosts, hauntings, long-held grudges (a century long?), “The Winslow Incident” will not be easily put aside or forgotten.

I reviewed an e-book copy received from the author in return for my provision of a fair and impartial review.

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