Wednesday, January 16, 2013

THREE GRAVES FULL by Jamie Mason_Review

Review of Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason
5 stars

What an exceptional novel, and more so because it is a debut. Ms. Mason has a truly amazing capacity of imagination. Usually discovering character is like the spiral of peeling an onion, but it is so much more here: when we think we have already learned an individual down to the bone, we find there is more, deeper, to be revealed. And the plotting! I throw up my hands in awe: if the situation weren’t so tragic, this would be almost a farce, a comedy of errors. Truly it seems in life that “some can’t ever win,” and for those, life seems poised behind a door with a baseball bat ready to clobber.

One such individual is Jason Getty, a man who almost-got-divorced by his wife of seven years-but she died first. He almost didn’t inherit, but managed to; he moves away, buys a house, and oh, was that ever a mistake. Like any upstanding citizen, he attempts a good deed—and embroils himself and his life in a morass of tragic intent from which he will never recover.

Then there’s Leah, who picked the wrong lover, but gets his family in return. And Boyd Montgomery, the man who thinks he is right and doing right, but can’t see his way to compassion for others; so he barrels on through life doing as he wills, like an Appalachian Aleister Crowley (but without the magick rituals)—for Boyd, Will is all-his Will at least.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next Jamie Morgan mystery!

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