Tuesday, January 22, 2013

VENGEANCE BY THE FOOT by Adam Light_Review

Review of Vengeance by the Foot by Adam Light
5 stars

Well, I had all sorts of visuals from this title, but none of them could match what author Adam Light does in this short piece. “Vengeance by the Foot” indeed—I’m not certain I could call this “poetic justice,” more like “some people just have all the bad luck.” Poor Grant: life certainly didn’t turn out the way he hoped! There indeed are fates worse than death, and Grant has discovered some of them.

Grant Stone, a happily married man in his late thirties, develops gangrene in his left foot, after a cut he didn’t feel (numbness from diabetes, we assume). Grant must undergo surgery and amputation, and in his case, suffering is not good for the soul: he gets irritable, grumpy, very difficult to live with—and his wife leaves him. Then something else, something different, something on a mission, shows up in his home.

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