Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BLACK DOOR by Evans Light_Review

Review of Black Door by Evans Light
5 stars

From reading the blurb and studying the excellent cover art, I had certain presumptions going into this story. I expected something on the order of the B-movie Sleepaway trilogy (the set with the evil female serial killer preying on unsuspecting adolescent campers), or at minimum a set of directors akin to a Morticia and Lurch couple. Not so, not so at all; author Evans Light spun this story in a direction I couldn’t possibly have imagined, and I am very thankful. “Black Door” is a totally enjoyable, yet very spooky, tale, but not one in which I had to close my eyes to make it to the end. Mr. Light has an incredibly imagination, and I highly recommend “Black Door” to a wide readership

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