Thursday, February 21, 2013

INTO THE DARK by Alison Gaylin_Review

Review of Into the Dark by Alison Gaylin
5 stars

“Into the Dark” is a tautly plotted and multilayered riveting suspense novel. Filled with a plethora of “what if” questions, this mystery kept my attention on the page and racing to unravel the next denouement. Brenna Spector, a part-time single mom (custody is shared with her ex) of a precociously intelligent and well-grounded thirteen-year-old daughter, is a private investigator. Trained in that profession by the oddball Errol Ludlow, Brenna has been on her own for a while, employing a trusty but Narcisstic sidekick, Trent. When Ludlow contacts her about seeking a missing “performance artist” who has been known only through her sensual but shadowy monologues on the Internet, Brenna almost immediately finds herself tumbling down the rabbit hole, plagued by that whole series of “what if’s.”

Alison Gaylin is very talented at writing suspense that hooks the reader immediately and then holds on. I so enjoyed this novel that I plan to read the earlier one in the Brenna Spector 

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