Saturday, February 2, 2013


Review of Seeking Shapeshifters
5 Stars

“Seeking Shapeshifters” is a winning and entertaining YA novel which makes the paranormal seem logical and likely. Likeable protagonist Ima Blue Berry is a partner with her dad, a single parent, in Berry S.I.—Berry Special Investigations, an organization which tracks and studies paranormal events, and films the investigations for television. When they move to Point Hope, Alaska, hoping to find shapeshifters, Ima has to try anew to make friends at the high school, and this time, she finds her first ever boyfriend, Carsen. Of course, Carsen has secrets, and so do his cousins, Talon and Ferren. When Ima finds footprints that show human prints changing over to bear prints, she knows that Shapeshifters are real: at least in this Alaskan region.

“Seeking Shapeshifters” is an enjoyable and fast-paced read which will appeal to YA lovers of paranormal romance, but also to older readers like myself. I look forward to more novels from author Rebekah L. Purdy.

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