Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Review of The Eternal Sphinxman
5 stars

“The Eternal Sphinxman” is an utterly engrossing and fast-paced mystery which I read in one sitting, simply because I could not bear to put it down until the denouement(s). This is one mystery in which the author is very careful not to telegraph the results; there are several possibilities, but the reader won’t know until the end which possibility, if any, is the accurate one. Peeling back the layers of façade at a Greek fraternity, at a “historically black only college” in Southern Louisiana, author Jones treats readers to a smorgasbord of characters, activity, and twisted plotting. Even the backdrop characters (such as two of the main characters encounter later on in another town) are catchy, intriguing, and carriers of facts about the situations. The fraternity becomes something of a character itself, as it takes on a life of its own, and that works wonderfully well in the context of this novel.

I totally enjoyed this story and expect to be rereading it in future.

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