Monday, February 18, 2013

THE LEGEND OF DEVIL'S CREEK by Anonymous A._Review

Review of The Legend of Devil’s Creek
5 stars

As much a coming-of-age novel as it is murder mystery, “The Legend of Devil’s Creek” functions effectively in both genres. Justin Riddley is a college junior, a new transfer to St. Jerome’s College on Aubrey Island, Washington, in Puget Sound. Despite his age and education, he is rather socially inept, all the more so for being so self-aware. He’s never had a relationship, is amazed that other guys seem to want his friendship, doesn’t play sports, and is almost pathologically shy. But it is his self-awareness that grinds the discomfort even more intensely, because he nearly constantly bludgeons himself mentally and emotionally over what he considers his inabilities and failures.

Woven in with Justin’s story is an ongoing series of murders, and not the first set on this small island, either. In 1928 and 1929, after the bullying death of a twelve-year-old, a series of grisly murders occurred. Now, eighty years and more later, a similar set takes place; the unifying thread is that all the victims are absusers of children (and often, women).

This novel contains several multifaceted characters explored in depth. Additionally, there is Justin Riddley’s personal growth curve; and the ongoing murder mystery. I highly recommend this novel.

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