Sunday, March 31, 2013

A BITE OUT OF TIME by Gary Val Tenuta_Review

Review of A Bite Out of Time by Gary Val Tenuta
5 stars

“A Bite Out of Time” is an exceptionally Twilight Zone-ish story in which everything you don’t expect to happen does—but more importantly, what you couldn’t possibly expect,  comes to pass. Like the author’s story “Atonement,” “A Bite Out of Time” is a “Twisted Tale from the Files of the Second Chance Limousine Service.” Oh, boy—Second Chance Limo is definitely something else, and distinctly as it title promises and promulgates: “Second Chance.” Second Chance for what, you ask? Well, in the case of rock musician Vince, it’s New Year’s Eve 1968 turning into New Year’s Day 1969—and he’s very much missing girlfriend Randessa, a Peace Corps volunteer, until a hot young woman approaches him—and bites his neck. A century later, Vince will encounter the Second Chance Limousine Service—and this time around, everything’s going to change for him—yet again.

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