Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ASCENT OF BLOOD (RED VEIL SERIES #1) By Elizabeth Marx_Review

Review of Ascent of Blood by Elizabeth Marx
5 stars
The Red Veil Series #1

In contemporary society, with a world population of humans in the billions, vampires can’t really afford to be discovered, for discovery would mean going to war against humans, and who then would lose? Sebastian Pearce has been a vampire for centuries, and for six of those he has searched for a breeder, a human female capable of bearing vampire offspring, such as his mother. Those are few and rare, and his House of Imperials is terribly in need of expansion. When he encounters a young American woman in London, searching for the Book of Descent, Sebastian is at first amazed and infuriated, then enraptured and obsessed. But Sebastian is not the only one of this pair holding secrets close to his chest; Everleigh is too.

If you’ve not yet read the prequel to this series, “Descent of Blood,” you can still read and very much enjoy this story, but why not pick up both and have the double pleasure?

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