Monday, March 4, 2013

BLACKBROOKE by Emma Silver_Review

Review of Blackbrooke by Emma Silver
5 stars

I quickly became totally engrossed in this book, and by the midpoint I was turning pages almost faster than my e-reader could handle. “Fast-paced” has become a trite cliché, but believe me, if you’re looking for that, “Blackbrooke” most definitely has it, along with plotting that twists around like a cobra’s coil and an unforgettable cliffhanger ending. So thankful this is only the first of a set!

“Blackbrooke” is not post-apocalyptic, it is fully Apocalyptic, and the Apocalypse has been ongoing for centuries, and what a horrible situation it is. I kept pondering, Why doesn’t the British Government step in, why keep throwing money at the Village, why not do something to protect the inhabitants? Instead, the Village is a daytime tourist infestation; and at dusk, everyone remains inside, locked in behind electronic steel shutters operating on a timer, according to the time of year and the length of the days.

Everyone above the age of eighteen has agreed to a set of Rules; but no one under that age even knows what the rules are, except for a few minor rules involving hair, hair colour, and so forth. The dangers are the “Crits” or Creatures, the four classes of almost Supernatural animals which live surrounding the Village, and which rule the night. Humans certainly don’t, because humans are fair prey.

If you love urban fantasy (or semi-urban fantasy), paranormal (and yes, plenty of romance here too!), don’t wait to grab “Blackbrooke.” It’s a winner!

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