Thursday, March 7, 2013

EVIL WATER by Inger Wolf_Review

Review of Evil Water by Inger Wolf
5 stars

“Evil Water” is an exciting, intricately-plotted entry into the world of Danish crime fiction. This is deeper than an ordinary mystery, and the depths and breadths of characterizations will satisfy readers who seek character-driven novels, while the edge-of-the-seat heart-dropping plot twists and turns will appeal to lovers of thriller suspense. Readers who are unfamiliar with Scandinavia will find that author Inger Wolf presents vivid descriptions (for example, the brown coal mine scenes, which are effectively heart-in-mouth) that we feel we are at home in the various settings. Interwoven are the personal lives of some of the police detectives, and an enormously powerful psychological mystery involving several of the characters, and demonstrating how the ugly past really can impact the present.

The serendipitous discovery of the corpses of two young women, who in life bore a close resemblance, catapults Inspector Daniel Trokic of the Arhus police department into an investigation which will leave him and his colleagues forever changed. For these are not two women from different cases, but only two of the victims of a serial killer operation which Trokic must race to end, before more women are murdered, for reasons known only to the killer.

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