Saturday, March 30, 2013

FATE WAR: ALLIANCE by E. M. Havens_Review

Review of Fate War: Alliance
5 stars

It’s not often I encounter fantasy interwoven with my beloved subgenre Steampunk, but here it is, and it works amazingly well. Crown Prince Cole of the Kingdom of Arborea is a rather headstrong, iconoclastic individual, who much prefers to do his own bidding, which is NOT to ascend to the throne. He and his father King Arnold at totally and always at cross-purposes. Cole certainly does not wish to wed unseen, simply because his Kingdom and the Island of Perspicia should be united. In this case, at this time, it is not so much simply politics, as it is necessity: the Fate Army advances. The Arboreal Lands need the mechanistic provenance of Perspicia, and to further that aim, Prince Cole and Lady Samantha will now marry—sight unseen.

Samantha, too, has long been schooled in the knowledge of her destiny. Running away, or trying to, didn’t solve the individualistic idealism which kept her chafing at the reins of the confinements of “should, ought to, must” common to noble and royal families. Now comes the momentous event; will it happen, or will Cole and Samantha refuse, and let both lands fall to the Fate Army?

Kudos to author E. M. Havens for interweaving disparate genres and making it work, and work well; and leaving readers craving for a sequel.

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