Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Am Lucky Bird By Fleur Philips

Author: Fleur Philips
Published by: New Dawn Publishers
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"I Am Lucky Bird" by Fleur Philips was really some read that took place in rural Montana that deals with some tough topics. I found this read to be well written and once you start it you will get hooked immediately. "I am Lucky Bird" does cover a range that implores a range of time from a baby being found behind a
bar)...only to be adopted by Marian...who wasn't so nice and her daughter
Anna Marie...later she disappears...was she murdered? Marian becomes very abusive..then her boyfriend (Tom) is just a little too friendly. Lucky becomes pregnant..Marian kills her baby...then Lucky runs away. Now, when you think certainly this is all of the horrible things that will come to Lucky...guess what?
There will be a lots of other things going on in this abusive read and this is will be where I way you much pick up this read: "I Am Lucky Bird" to see how this author will take the reader on thru Lucky's adulthood... of 'fear, love, despair, and and even hope.' This was definitely a read of much sadness and abuse. Lucky gets introduced to many charmers...but were they? The characters that were introduced were very well described, developed and very realistic. I felt this author did a incredibly good job with this topic...'Child Abuse.' I am left with this quote: "Every event that happens in life, happens for a reason, every person you meet, every tragedy that unfolds, every small bit of good that's bestowed upon you. There's a reason for it." Maybe this was why Lucky was the way she was.

"I Am Lucky Bird" was definitely a difficult topic but it was delivered very well to the readers. Would I recommend this novel? YES ... and be ready for a 'breathtaking, heartbreaking and powerful read.

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