Saturday, March 9, 2013

LAZARUS ISLAND by Lee Moan_Review

Review of Lazarus Island by Lee Moan
5 stars

A gory, graphic, but very philosophically and metaphysically deep exploration of life, death, and what comes after, sometimes very unexpectedly. The story is tautly plotted, and suspension of disbelief seems to come naturally—I had no trouble accepting the events that ushered the story along. This is my second exposure to the work of author Lee Moan (the first was the marital-duet of horror, “Forever”) and I am a convert to his way of thinking.

The tiny island of Scalasay in the Scottish Hebrides is peaceful, isolated, a community at rest with itself—no growing pains, and no fear or rejection of outsiders either, as in some isolated communities. That is Scalasay’s surface: yet underneath seethe rage, grief, terror. Ten years ago one of the islanders committed serial rapes, the final one ending in murder. Now his widowed mother is dying on the island, and the British Prison Service has given him a day leave to come home—home where the islanders don’t want him. When matters are taken into vigilante hands, the consequences will be beyond what anyone could have expected—horrifying, brutal, damaging, and permanent.

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