Saturday, March 16, 2013

PRIMAL SHIFT by Griffin Hayes_Review

Review of Primal Shift by Griffin Hayes

I was really excited to see a new offering by Griffin Hayes, one of my top favourite authors, and this seems to be a new direction. With an incredibly effective reader’s hook, Mr. Hayes has the story—this one to be in episodic format—off and running. Over many decades of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic reading, I’ve often pondered that personal “what if”—what would I do if IT happened, could I survive, and how. I have never tried to consider what an apocalypse that destroyed my ability to read and communicate would be like—never until now.

Mr. Hayes offers up several different plot threads here, starring divergent characters (some of whom, like Dana, are very likable; some, like Nutrilife CEO Larry, are basically jerks; and then there’s the very mysterious “Finn” (mysterious even to himself).

“Primal Shift” is an easy one-sitting read and difficult to put down. I know it’s going to linger in my mind while I await the next episode, and I’ll be staring out my windows, watching for those enigmatic lights in the sky.

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