Friday, March 22, 2013

RED IS FOR RAGE (Color of Evil #2) by Connie Corcoran_Review

Review of Red is for Rage
Connie Corcoran Wilson
5 stars

“Red is for Rage” is the second book in Ms. Wilson’s “The Color of Evil” series (I also reviewed the first), and I certainly hope that there will be a third entry, because the author hooks us at the end with a cliffhanger, which left this reviewer hungering for more: answers, characters, continuation of the several plots and subplots. As always, Ms. Wilson juggles a large cast of characters, develops each, and keeps plots going on all the burners. If you’re looking for action, it’s here; suspense, it’s here; mystery, romance, adventure, thrills—“Red is for Rage” has them all. Yes, there is graphic violence, so I rate it 18+. Author Wilson also approaches some very painful and tragic real life issues, deals with them smoothly and empathetically; but the fact is, these situations exist, in reality and in this book. They’re not pretty and they are tragic, in process and afterward. Some of the consequences are worked out throughout this story. But Ms. Wilson doesn’t leave us bereft: there is also hope in this novel, hope for a better present and an improved future, for several of the characters we’ve come to know so well.

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