Friday, March 1, 2013

TANGLED TO DEATH by J. M. Griffin_Review

Review of Tangled to Death
5 stars

A complex “cozy” mystery, “Tangled to Death” presents a strong and feisty heroine who yearns only for peace and quiet (and yes, a little romance too), a little order to soothe the chaos her life had become. Settling in a quiet tourist-loving community in New England, Katie opens an art studio and teaches and practices “tangling,” a particular type of art with which this reviewer had been unacquainted. My only wish to add anything to this mystery would be illustrations of the process of “tangled” art.

I called “Tangled to Death” complex because the author is very skilled in not telegraphing the denouement ahead of time, but instead allows readers to work their way to it, and then to be surprised, perhaps even astounded. The budding romance is also neatly interwoven, and is suitable for YA readers and above. Readers who like to curl up with a good mystery which will stretch their minds and at the same time soothe with empathetic characterizations are sure to enjoy “Tangled to Death.”

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