Wednesday, March 13, 2013

THE PROPHET by Jay Rauld_Review

Review of The Prophet by Jay Rauld
5 stars

“The Prophet” is as much speculative fiction as it is horror (although there is plenty of horror for the asking contained within), an existential interdimensional speculation on creating (and destroying) one’s own reality. Greg is a reporter (or is he?) who is “abducted” for the purpose of encountering and interviewing a man known only as “The Prophet,” a predictor of multiple mass murders and other bizarre tragedies. “The Prophet” claims Greg is only a figment of his imagination, and he has been created by The Prophet: to kill The Prophet. Confusing yet? Well, continue on, and take a trip with Greg through some realms which must resemble certain circles of hades, with entities who are human, or animal, or polygonal, or combinations of these.
No matter what one believes on the subject of consensus reality and other philosophical questions, I predict “The Prophet” will stick in the reader’s mind, for a very long time.

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