Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beguiling Bridget By: Rachel VanDyken and Lean Sanders

Author: Rachel VanDyken and Leah Sanders
Published By: Astraea Press
Age Recommended: Adult
Review By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Series # 2
Rating: 5


"Beguiling Bridget" was a second book in a series for these two authors which continues on from 'Waltzing with Wallflowers Regency Series.' I think you will get a little more out of this novel if you have read the first one where in this novel you will get a good entertaining and humorous feel of "Beguiling Bridget." We find that since Cordelia and Ambrose are now married...Anthony doesn't even realize that he has 'he agrees to a bet (and strawberries) that may mean the death of him.' Bridget is a spitfire who distrust all men and promises never to wed. Do we find the heroine fencing for their suitors? Well now things will change when the other twin, Anthony comes on the scene and bumbled his way into Bridget's heart. I found this novel humorous and the characterizations were well developed making "Beguiling Bridget" a intriguing read.

I thought "Beguiling Bridget" was well written short sweet romance novel that kept my attention till the end that I would recommend as a good read.

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