Thursday, April 11, 2013

KINSLEY CIRCLE by Kevin Cowan_Review

Review of Kinsley Circle by Kevin Cowan
3 Stars

On an isolated rural road in Virginia is a cul-de-sac inhabited by only three homes. The oldest, belonging to George and Alice Kinsley, has been there for 42 years; the other two homes, only 20 years. Chief of Police Paul Thompson, his wife, and two children live in one; Attorney Ellen Reinhart and her husband, psychologist professor/administrator David reside in the other home. The Kinsleys are unfortunately childless, but have always very much enjoyed Nancy and Thomas, the Thompson offspring. 

Alice’s sudden death in her sleep propels George into a self-imposed state of isolation and sleeplessness; but when he begins claiming to hear wolves and dogs howling in the woods in the wee hours of the night, a tremendous change in his personality takes place, almost as if he had become possessed. The neighbors are deeply concerned, and anxious to get George committed for therapy—but what if this is not a case that psychiatry can answer? Circumstances go from bad to worse as whatever has changed George is now causing strife and disruption among the remaining neighbors.

The emphasis of this story is that the paranormal does exist; whether a given individual believes or is a skeptic doesn’t matter. The residents of Kinsley Circle consider themselves skeptics: one is a career law-enforcement official, another a trained Ph.D. psychologist. Both believe in the scientific approach. But when what you hear but can’t see occurs, for hours, every night at the exact same times, and the auditory “hallucinations” soon are accompanied by visual “hallucinations,” something has to be done—even if it means admitting that  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” [Hamlet, William Shakespeare]

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