Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LINEAGE by Joe Hart_Review

Review of Lineage by Joe Hart

I read voraciously, and so I find many books that excite my soul and mind. Not as often do I find a story that lingers, that refuses to be evicted from my memory, or that pops into focus when I'm thinking of something else. Such a story is Joe Hart's Lineage, an incredible read that yes, turned my stomach, but also gave me new insight into humanity and into the nature of evil, its implacability and it's ability not to be avoided.

Grippingly detailed and backdropped, Lineage is the story of a novelist who has lost the ability to create, who has entered into that Limbo known as Writer's Block. When Lance begins having illusions of a house on a lake, he searches online and discovers that exact house, conveniently for sale. He buys it and moves in, which is probably one of the most serious errors of his life, because the house is not just a residence. Lance could not have foreseen the events to come (and if he could have, would he have avoided that house? Probably not.)

Events and personalities stretching back to World War II exist in this "home" on the shores of Lake Superior, and very few readers could anticipate all the convolutions of this story. Yes it's not for the faint of heart nor those with weak and queasy stomachs, but for everybody else who loves horror, mystery, suspense, and totally excellent writing: here's Lineage. Don't miss out.

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