Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Refuge By: Carole Rummage

Author: Carole Rummage
Published by: Cedar Fort, Inc
Age Recommended: 12 - YA
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4

"Refuge" by Carole Rummage was a sweet teen-YA fantasy (with red wolves and bears)romance novel. Even though I found "Refuge" somewhat predictable it was still a good novel to read. We find Laney Lowell has lost both of her parents due to a car accident...she moves from Salt Lake City, Utah to Columbia, North Carolina while grieving to live with her Aunt and Uncle. One day while Laney is running in the forest called 'Refuge'...due to the fact that the town is trying to save the 'red lves' from becoming extinct, she meets Gabe Randall who is artist. He was in this 'refuge' trying to get some inspiration for this next art exhibit. Gabe saves Lany from a bear and the story takes off from there saying you must pick up "Refuge" to see just what all it is about. What is it about the disease that Gabe and his brother had? Would this turn away Lany? What all do Lany and Gabe have in common? All of these questions will be answered and more will be revealed as you read through this good novel. All and all this was a cute romance with a whole lots of twist and turns that will keep you intruiged wanting to know who, what, why and the how of it all. In the end the secrets will be uncovered. I saw that this author covers good values, has easy to relate to characters and describes a beautiful setting with some romance for the young readers. There is even a small area of religion exposed. The author also added questions at the end of the her novel for discussions....which is good for a school or book clubs.

I would recommend "Refuge" to any teen 12 + - YA who wants to read about a little romance in with some fantasy in the mix.

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