Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relentless By: Simon Kernick

Author: Simon Kernick
Published by: Atria Books
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4


"Relentless" by Simon Kernick was some suspenseful, thriller- mystery crime read that kept me reading until the end once starting this read. This is a fast paced read that starts after a phone call and this read starts you in on a roller coaster ride. You will find this plot is very interesting in this well written script. I did have a few question that were not answered for me...but may be they will be a sequel? OK, this is how this starts out..."John Meron is at home with his two kids when he receives a call from his old college friend Jack, whom he hasn't seen in years. Jack is screaming for help and as John listens on in horror,he hears him being murdered in the phone. And he also screamed out one more thing - John's name and address..... he runs...and this story takes off...questions?...Who is after him John and what has happen to Jack? Why did John not call the police? Now you will find that this story alternates narratives between John and the Detective Inspector Mike Bolt. This is where I will say you will need to pick up this good read to find out what all is going on in all the twist and turns that will be presented in this 'seemingly unending conspiracy.' Be prepared to see lots of "shifting of loyalties and many hidden secrets that come out as this story gets deeper and deeper into the conspiracy" keeping your interest high in the read. The characters were all OK...nothing special about any of them from Tom,Kathy,Vanessa Blake, Jack, Mike(maybe some her), Tina Boyd and a few others that were there however, this author was still able to put together a fast moving good read and when it was all said and done...I felt like this was a good suspenseful, thriller-mystery crime novel that I would recommend to you.

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