Friday, May 24, 2013

A Cast of Stone (The Staff and Sword# 1) By: Patrick W. Carr

By:  Patrick W. Carr
Published By:  Bethany House publishers
Age Recommended:   YA - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Book Blog For: GMTA
Series: The Staff and Sword # 1

"A Cast of Stones" by Patrick W. Carr was good fantasy read with some Christian based and the first of this series of 'The Staff and Sword.'  You will find it a very interesting and exciting novel. This read starts out with a drunken young teen boy named Errol and believe it or not becomes the hero of this story. We will find that Errol get caught up into something that he never dreamed existed, "he is challenged, stretch and even forced to make decisions that will change his life forever."  We find from the read...' On Errol  way to deliver the messages, someone tries to kill him. It's definitely not the last time through out the book that someone tries to murder him, but the question is why? Why are there so many people after a simple 19 year-old town drunk?" This is where I say you must pick up this read to find out what is going on.  Be ready for a very captivating and mysterious story as the boy will leave "his village and go to the city of Erinon to help his king and kingdom."  The plot consisted of a lots of twist and turns, with a descriptive scenery and characters were all so real and well portrayed. 

If you like very creative medieval  fantasy then you have come to the right place for: "A Cast of Stones" will take you there and I would recommend this read.

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