Monday, May 6, 2013

All She Ever Wanted By Rosalind Noonan

Author: Rosalind Noonan
Published By: Kensington
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating 5
Blog For: GMTA

"All she Ever Wanted" by Rosalind Noonan was a sad mystery contemporary
read. We find Chelsea Maynard after having a baby she has longed for so long is now battling 'sleep deprivation and feeling of isolation' and the baby Annabelle cries all the time only leaving Chelsea having 'dark visions fueled by exhaustion and self-doubt.' Chelsea goes to the doctor and doesn't get any comfort there. He refers to this a 'baby blues.' What kind of doctor wouldn't recognize these signs? What was going on to Chelsea has happened to many women. This was a very captivating read of this poor person suffering from 'post-partum depression(PPD).' Now, to add to some more problems for Chelsea her baby was now missing and she has no glue to where she is! Now, who had taken the baby? This is definitely one of those stories that will stay with you long after the read. This author did a wonderful job with this well written novel and illustrating the effects of 'PPD.' Be ready for many twist and turns because you may be kept guessing until the end. The characters were all well developed and all looked guilty at some time: Chelsea, Leo, Chelsea's sisters, neighbors and care workers, and even Leo's ex wife Detective Grace who seemed so intelligent and empathetic to Chelsea because she had been through this with her childbirth. I did like how this author did show points of views of PPD from the husband, wife and other family members. So, to find out who was behind the kidnap of Annabelle you will have to pick up"All She Ever Wanted" to see out this author will get this all delivered to the reader. There will be many leads but only will be it.

Can many women relate to Postpartum depression? I think so. Would I recommend "All She Ever Wanted?" YES! I believe you will find it a interesting and captivating read.

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