Saturday, May 25, 2013

Balancing Act By: Fern Michaels


By:  Fern Michaels
Published By:  Zebra Books
Age Recommended:  Adult
Review By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For:  GMTA

"Balancing Act" by Fern Michaels was a bonus in that you got two books in one.
'All She Can Be and Free Spirits' however this was actually a report of two novels that this author had written years ago and I had already read them but
I read them again.

In 'All She Can Be'
We find Rita is divorced  and a successful author trying to rebuild her life.  How will her life change for her after a recent divorce.  Will the romance writer be able to pick herself up and find a new love and then there were her children
who didn't consider her writing as a job, wanting her to babysit while they went on a 4-5 day trip.   Was she loosing herself in all of this?  You will find this novella was a 'heartwarming' story and well written by this author. 

The next novella was 'Free Spirit'
A very successful Dory makes a discussion  to quit her job, move  to another city with her boyfriend (Griff) and go back to school.  Was this a smart thing to do?  Will she be strong enough to not lose herself in all of this that has been put on her? Will she come to her senses and know that this isn't the life for her?
There is definitely a lesson in both of these novellas for the reader.  Are you receiving it?

This is where I say you must pick up "Balancing Act" to see which way this author will take the reader on this ride.   In both reads you will be able to see how this author was able to use this 'Balancing Act' as it was a emotional ride that this author can only give its readers and I would recommend these two stories as a good read. 

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