Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Secrets in Seattle By: Brooke Moss


By: Brooke Moss
Published By:  Entangled Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Book Blog For: GMTA

"Keeping Secrets in Seattle" by Brooke Moss was a wonderful romantic story. This author did  good at making the reader feel all of the conflict that was involved along with the desperation and then love.  I enjoyed the diary that started every chapter and some of the laughter was good and well needed.  We find this story is of Violet who is about to confess her love to her best friend, Gabe only to find out he is now engaged to another girl and she has  even agreed to be Gabe's best man.  Will she be able to move on after she meets a new guy (Landon) that has entered her life and tell her that he loves her?  From "Violets tattoos,  hair color and vintage clothing is a secret that she has kept to herself for ten years. "What was it that these two ...Violet  and Gabe could  not talk about what had happened 'That Night?'  Now, to get all of this you must pick up "Keeping Secrets in Seattle" to find out what happened.  I liked the way the story was told from Violet's point of view which gave the reader the emotional ride that she went through from the past to the present.  The characters were all very deeply well developed giving the reader not only a  very interesting but a entertaining read that was a good story about the childhood sweethearts that fall in love.

I loved these two quotes from the read:

"Real love takes work and effort and time. Real love is willing to wait while you sort your shit out, and is still there once you get your head in straight."
"I put my cup down and stared at my mom. I was getting love advice from Fourth Marriage Barbie now?  What's next?"

"Keeping Secrets in Seattle" was truly a wonderful well written novel that was funny, sweet but also a emotional read.  Would I recommend this novel?  YES!

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