Sunday, December 9, 2012

APHRODITE'S DAWN by R. B. Harkness_Review

Review of Aphrodite’s Dawn by R. B. Harkness
5 stars
Garrett lives Inside, in a community called “Aphrodite.” Imagine, if you will, something like a factory building that stands six stories high, with decaying machinery, and five hundred individuals contained inside the building. There are no windows, there are no exit doors; why should there be, when there is no “Outside”? Outside is a myth, or a children’s tale, like monsters under the bed. There is just Aphrodite: one stamped cake per person per meal, and Duty: the Duty to maintain Aphrodite, to continue the machines which recycle and manufacture, on into infinity.
Garrett has just finished school, and is waiting (not impatiently) for “induction,” when he will take his first real job. As son of the Chief Foreman, he will be expected to start “at the bottom” with the big tanks. Capability doesn’t matter; interests aren’t important. Just Duty. All is Duty. But Garrett is not everyone: he has a voice in his head; and no, he isn’t schizophrenic. What he is, is an Emissary, predicted by the Stories which comprise the compound’s oral history. He has a mission, and only the voice in his head to guide him-if he is brave enough (or foolish enough) to begin.
“Aphrodite’s Dawn” is intriguing, compelling, and suspenseful. Even as I was cringing over the symptoms of this truly dystopian society, I was enjoying the characters, the situations, and the backstory. Garrett is a rock-solid protagonist, and his “sidekick,” Pitr, is adorable and such a sturdy friend.
I reviewed an e-book copy provided by the author in return for my fair and impartial review, via the Goodreads Group Making Connections YA Edition.

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