Sunday, December 9, 2012


Review of Spiders (Anthology)
5 Stars

As preface, let me say that until age 42, I was severely arachnophobic. I had horrible nightmares, I could not watch TV or a film containing even one (“Dr. No” nearly did me in), and if I even saw a granddaddy long legs on the street I’d panic. Somehow, after a move out of state, that just stopped. Thankfully-because even so, some of the tales in this anthology made my skin crawl, [speaking of crawling]. You know, even if you aren’t arachnophobic, you are not going to get these stories to vanish from your memory; you still are going to be glancing back over your shoulder, checking corners of the ceilings, looking around before you enter a room: you get the picture. Usually when I review an anthology or a single-author collection, I’d like to list my personal favourites, but when I started out to do so, I realized I was including all 13 stories! So just trust me: arachnophobe, arachnophile, or somewhere in between where you’re not bothered, not scared, and not fancying these creatures: you are still going to be frightened!! [states your intrepid reviewer while perusing the ceiling for stealthy movement] 

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