Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review: Psyche's Promise by Ann Gimpel

Book Title: Psyche’s Promise – Book Three in the Transformation Series
Author: Anne Gimpel
Published By: Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Recommended Age: 18+
Reviewed By: Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson
Blog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud
Rating: 5+
   Dr. Lara McGinnis returns to fight the immortal, evil-hearted Gradoxt, the Sidhe who turned to darkness when power overtook his mind and soul. This time, Gradoxt’s trickery is more than the Sidhe and Lara could ever imagine. With control of The Dreaming, Gradoxt is able to steal both Lara and her beloved Trevor into an inhuman dimension. Fear and loathing give way to almost certain death if the powers captured by Gradoxt are not overcome.
   Amid this acrid sorcery, the city of Seattle burns in the wake of riots and violence. The world is losing power and life essentials at a rapid pace. The upheaval Gradoxt caused in The Dreaming is mirrored in the lives of the humans on earth. If Lara and Trevor are able to find their way back, the life they knew was already gone.
      Psyche’s Promise is Book Three of The Transformation Series. Author, Ann Gimpel explores the notion that humans are but simple, unknowing inhabitants of a greater spiritual world. Her characters are perfectly written in of myriad of dialects. You follow their plight and find yourself immersed in the ethereal world. Strong writing is paired with exemplary dialogue. This is a series I have enjoyed immensely. This is a page turning novel and one you will find hard pressed to put down. I love this author’s work and look forward to reading more from her extremely creative mind.

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