Friday, December 14, 2012

TWO GRAVES (PENDERGAST #12) by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child_Review

26 stars!

Two Graves by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Pendergast #12)

5 stars

I have yet to be disappointed in a Pendergast series novel. Every one is so exceptional, so incredible, so "beyond." The most recent three ("Fever Dreams," "Cold Vengeance," now "Two Graves") are even above and beyond the peak reached, in my humble and outspoken opinion, in "The Cabinet of Curiosities" and "Still Life with Crows."

I hesitate to say too much about the plotlines, so I will just add that "Two Graves" marks the unfolding of the plots that thickened "Fever Dreams" and "Cold Vengeance": Pendergast's wife Helen Esterhazy Pendergast, and her untold secrets, Der Bund, and Pendergast's continuing entrapment with Helen's memory. Indeed, so much new and amazing occurs in this book that my jaw remained dropped pretty much the entire time.

I continue to be utterly amazed, not just at the excellently written novels, but at the incredible imagination possessed by authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. As always, I hope and pray the series continues; I can't imagine a world without Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast.

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